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A New and Improved Experience


The GolfEast team has been at Phoenix Gold since late 2014 working through renovations of the 27-hole course one nine at a time. The Mountain and Ocean Courses were completed in mid 2015 and have seen work done on the bunkers, tee tops, fairways and drainage which have produced technical improvements, while not significantly changing the look of these courses.


By comparison, the Lakes course has seen an exciting, major re-design, with several holes re-routed and new lakes, tee boxes and greens being introduced. As it is the shortest of the three courses, Namatra's brief was to make it more interesting, and he feels it may now become the most fun of the three courses to play.  Major changes to Hole 5 have seen it turned into a teasing little par four, while Hole 6 has been transformed into a sharp dogleg right par 5 over a couple of lakes.   For an update on the renovation to the Lakes Course click here


Opened:          1993

Designer:         Denis Griffiths, upgraded in 2014-2015 by Pirapon Namatra of GolfEast

Grass:              As part of the course renovation, the grasses are being entirely replaced to provide the best possible surfaces available.

                        When complete, the Tees will be Paspalum, Fairways will be Zoyzia, and the Greens will be Champion Turf

To view a hole, click on the its number : 


Mountain Hole 6



The Mountain Course affords the golfer an exquisite view of a famous landmark, with the best vantage point being the fairway of the signature 6th hole.  A nearby mountain, with a large sheer-cliff face that is easily seen, has an impressive laser-carved image of Buddha. The 3-dimensional quality of The Mountain Course’s fairways tests the golfers’ interest and judgment of each stroke. The greens are designed to provide opportunities to show the golfers’ putting skills.


Ocean Hole 9



The Ocean Course is often a favorite with many golfers of all abilities. Many of its fairways are lined with mature trees on both sides. Its recent upgrade has seen much of the lower shrubs and redundant trees being cleared to allow the golfers view to the beautiful distant mountains to the north and the ocean to the east. Also, additional bunkers have been added while existing bunkers have been redesigned with graceful contours. The Ocean Course gradually rises in elevation from holes #4 to #6 and looking back the golfer can catch glimpses of the surrounding countryside. Completing the round from the signature 9th hole is memorable, with a dramatic panoramic view from the tee box over the of the Gulf of Thailand making for a perfect way to end the day.


Lakes New 8th Green 



The Lakes Course has always challenged golfers to manage their game sensibly - keeping drives on line and finding good layup positions for an approach to the green. 


The new Lakes layout will remain true to this, but will add new hole layouts, changed tee positions and a few all-new greens to make life just that much more fun and challenging!


The new scorecard will be uploaded here once the official final measurements have been completed. STAY TUNED!



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