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Mountain 5
M5 copy.jpg
Risk/reward off the tee


The tee shot here will leave you pounding either your chest - or your head. This fairly short par 4 is a great hole to let it rip with the drive, as a good drive will leave you in great scoring position. 


However, get it wrong by catching that fairway bunker on the left and everything changes quickly, as you are left with a fairly long bunker shot into a heavily protected green.


There are actually 6 bunkers around the green - 4 right, one left, and one back, and there is a fair amount of landing space behind the front right bunker and the green (apx 40 yds). If you miss the green on your 2nd shot, make sure you are left, and not too long. 


The green itself is flat and not all that large, so being in great position off the tee is essential to make that approach shot a simple flip wedge or lob shot.

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