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Ocean 2
Hero or Zero Off the Tee


This is one of those diabolically short holes, where your skils off the tee will make you a hero or zero in an instant. The fairway is slightly downhill, but it tapers down to a fine point as trees from both  the right and left close in. Even though it's a short hole, that second shot can be a real problem if you're making it from the trees.


The green is quite large and deep, and a pin placed behind the protective bunkers to the front right can make getting close from the fairway a real challenge. Trying to get into a reasonable scoring position from the trees is darned near impossible, and many a scorecard has been ruined by players trying to rescue themselves from a bad tee shot, only to hit another tree or put it into a bunker. If your tee shot is in the rough, play the most sensible shot you can make to get back to the fairway, re-group, and try to keep the damage to a minimum.


The green itself is quite large and slopes from an unelevated position at the front left. all the way up to a significant rise in the back right. 

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