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Ocean 6
Risk/Reward at the Corner


This hole is a challenge for players at all levels, and really demands that the player understand and feel confident in his or her game. 


The tee shot is demanding, and the temptation will be to cut the corner off this dog-leg. Given the length of the hole, it is a great way to get into position for a mid-length 2nd shot. However, that corner is loaded with bunkers - 7 to be precise - and it is OB to the left. A miscue will leave you in the desert and a long way from home, or worse.


While making the safe play to the centre of the fairway may seem more sensible, it leaves you with a longer and more demanding 2nd shot, which is important because the green is big and tricky, with lots of up, down and side hill lines. Two putts is absolutely not a given, and striking a good first putt is crucial to closing out this testy hole.



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