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Ocean 3
Focus. Hit. Repeat.


It's all a matter of focus. That big lake in front of you off the tee? Put it out of your mind - ignore it, it's just there for show. Your real target is way down the fairway, ideally beyond those fairway bunkers. Focus on that instead.


Same thing with the 2nd shot. Stay focused on what is actually there. All those bunkers in front of the green? Exactly - they're at the FRONT and the green, so add a bit extra to make sure you are long enough. Playing to the middle is always a safe bet, and if you are a bit long, no problem. 


The green is fairly large and has some movement to it, so if you are chipping, repeat the process by staying focused and getting as close as you can.  


And for putting? Stay focused. The green is fairly flat, so concentrate and you can make that one-putt.

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