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Mountain 8
M8 copy.jpg
Skills Test


This is your classic par 3 that challenges you to your face in a mano y mano confrontation that will test your skills. It's golf at its finest - no excuses, just shotmaking.


It's annoyingly simple - forget the water - it's irrelevant and a distraction only. The wind blows left to right, so add that in. The target is straight ahead, and heavily bunkered. The distance is long enough to be a bit testy and needs to be taken seriously. 


It's pure golf. Hit a good, long, straight shot to get on the green. A genuine, clean golf shot. A shot that you absolutely know you can hit - straight at the target/straight at the stick.


The green undulates slightly, testing your short game and/or putting skills, as those subtle dips, rises and breaks require your attention and respect.


Raw, basic skills. Bring your game and attack this hole.


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