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Ocean 1
The Art of Deception


This is a gentle starting hole, so take full advantage of the wide-open fairway to blast away from the elevated teebox, making sure to keep it down the middle or slightly left of centre.


The approach shot, however, is a different kettle of fish, with bunkers guarding all across the front of a fairly large, undulating green.


It is a deceiving shot, so whatever the distance you think it is, add an extra club for two reasons: firstly, the approach is slightly uphill, meaning you will need a bit more distance than it appears; and secondly, there is lots of room at the back, and it's far better to be long, with a chance to get up and down with a chip rather than playing out of those bunkers.


A word of warning - take your time lining up the putt, there is a lot of movement on this green!



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