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Ocean 8
Play for Bogey


This is a real championship hole that will test your composure along with your skills. The tee shot is made into the wind and onto a steadily rising uphill lie, meaning that you cannot expect to get much roll off the tee. This hole shoud be played almost like a par 5.


Because of this, your 2nd shot will be from distance. Big guns can try and get home in regulation, but must be mindful of the large, deep bunkers at the front right.


For those playing more conservatively, placing the 2nd shot to the left side short of the green is a higher percentage option, which will leave the player with an up and down opportunity/challenge from reasonable range.


The green is really big, with a significant slope from back right to front left, so setting up for a chip and putt for par is a strategy that can save you from a big blowout. 

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