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Mountain 1
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That essential first tee shot


Getting that first tee shot out of the way safely is always a relief, but on this starting hole, it is essential to starting your day off on the right foot.


The fairway slopes away from you and runs all the way to a very deep, water-filled gully that bisects the fairway as you you start getting to within 100 yards of the green- big hitters may choose to leave the driver in the bag.


The best position off the tee is straight down the middle, and possibly a bit left for a better approach angle, although too far left could put you in a spot of bother from trees in the left rough that could come into play.


The approach shot is all carry into a fairly large green that slopes from back to front, and there is plenty of room behind the green case you are long.


This is a great opening hole that offers some forgiveness off the tee, but demands your full attention on the second shot.

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