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Ocean 9
Control the 2nd Shot to Score


The spectacular view from the tee box of this tough par 5 may cause you to lose focus on the game, which would be a shame, as a strategic approach to this hole can be very rewarding.


The natural urge is to launch a final drive for glory, swinging out of your shoes. By all means, go for it, but only if you are confident you can keep it on the fairway.


The key to this hole is a well-placed 2nd shot, where you make a shot into the corner of the dog-leg and position yourself for a tricky approach shot. Many players snooker themselves behind the trees on the left, forcing a wasted punch shot to get back to the fairway.


On the approach to the elevated green beware of the front bunker, and aim the shot to be on the side of the green where the flag is, as the green is  high in the middle, sloping away front and back.

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